About the Journal

Focus and Scope

ADVANCES IN FORESTRY SCIENCE is an electronic periodic destined to free dissemination of scientific texts related to several lines of research in forest and environmental sciences.

Currently, the periodic presents quarterly editions and receives manuscripts in English or Portuguese. However, the priority to review and publication will be given to manuscripts submitted in English.

The Editors and Reviewers team will be responsible for evaluating the technical-scientific character and the quality of the manuscripts. The team reserves the right to suggest adjustments necessary for publication.

All manuscripts approved for publication are property of the ADVANCES IN FORESTRY SCIENCE, and the copyright assigned to the Federal University of Mato Grosso, Brazil.

Peer Review Process

The manuscript submitted to ADVANCES IN FORESTRY SCIENCE periodic will be evaluated by scientific reviewers registered in the electronic system, which is done by invitation.

Authors can request the exclusion of reviewers that have conflict of interests (personal, commercial, political, academic, financial or other nature) through submission of supplemental document.

According to scientific-opinion of three scientific reviewers, the manuscript will be judged in the following manner by Editorial team:

  1. Accept. When the three scientific-opinions are favorable;
  2. Decline. When two scientific-opinions are unfavorable;
  3. Considering one unfavorable opinion, the final decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript incumbent upon the Editorial Board.

Publication Frequency

The publications of the manuscripts will occur in quarterly editions.

Open Access Policy

The ADVANCES IN FORESTRY SCIENCE offers free access to its content, following the principle that the scientific knowledge freely available to public provides larger democratization of it.

Dissemination and Taxes

All manuscripts accepted will be freely published through Periodic Publishing Electronic System (PPES). The periodic will not charge any taxes during the stages of submission, evaluation (review), publishing or publication.



  1. Freely disseminate the results of researches;
  2. Propose novel ideas and methodological concepts into forest science;
  3. Transmit the knowledge and information scientific;
  4. Preserve the scientific knowledge and ensure its rapid propagation.


Federal University of Mato Grosso - UFMT

Graduate Program in Forestry and Environmental Science of UFMT