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Focus and Scope

The Journal of Social Studies (RES in Portuguese) is a semiannual publication linked to the Economics Faculty of Mato Grosso Federal University. The Journal aims to publicize academic papers, offering to the readers texts that assist the advancement of knowledge on Economics.


Created in 1999, RES has its editorial line directed to academic papers with high contribution for economic discussions on Economic Theory, Applied Economics and Economic Development, but with elevated contribution for interdisciplinary discussions. Currently, RES published two issues per year, and original papers in English, Portuguese and Spanish are accepted.


RES goals are:

  • to stimulate studies among research fields mentioned above;
  • to sum up and to integrate the lessons learned from current perspectives of Economics literature;
  • to provide a forum for established scholars, as well as young promising researchers;
  • to increase knowledge about evaluation and preparation of public policies;
  • to promote debate about issues related to economics profession and its consulting activities;
  • to discuss future paths for economic problems in the present.


Contributions to the RES are welcome.


Journal of social Studies ensures:

  • proofreading by peers of specialists;
  • wide publicizong of contributions published both for national and international area, with help of specific tools.

Peer Review Process

RES publishes top-notch research and review papers, after a timely, strict reviewing of process by the peers (double blind peer review). RES also publishes book reviews.

At first, submissions are assessed by the Editors and by the Editorial Board members. If the manuscript is considered adequate for publishing, it is sent to at least two reviewers from different states and institutions, of the paper’s specific thematic area. The process of evaluation by the peers is a double blind review, so reviewers and authors remain anonymous. If comments are positive, but the manuscript needs to be reviewed and sent, the author must resend the reviewed version.

Final decisions of publishing are of the Editors.

Publication Frequency

The Journal of social Studies’ periodicity is semiannual.

Open Access Policy

RES offers free access to its contents in PDF (Portable Document Format) and HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) formats, by following the principle that providing scientific knowledge to the public, for free, offers greater worldwide democratization of knowledge.

Online first

RES published Online first papers. This resource allows the final review papers to be hosted online before its inclusion in a final issue and online journal issue.

The only difference between Online First and publication of problems will be the citation details and the addition of online first publication date to the second version.

Each OnlineFirst paper has an exclusive digital object identifier (DOI). This must be included in all citations. DOIs provide a persistent, permanent way to identify manuscripts published in on-line environment, even after being attributed to a printing problem. Informations such as the volume, the problem and the page numbers are not allocated to the OnlineFirst papers (since this information is not known until the issue is concluded).


Fees for submission and publication of papers

The Journal of Social Studies (RES) does not charge any fees for published papers, neither for the submitted ones for assessment, reviewing, publishing, distribution or download.


Papers published on the Journal of Social Studies (RES) are licensed according to CC BY. For more information on this way of licensing, see:

Journal History

The Journal of Social Studies (RES in Portuguese) is a semi-annual academic journal. Its goal is to broaden the debate regarding economics and society.

Created in 1999, RES’s editorial line is guided towards academic papers on Economic Theory, Applied Economics and Economic Development, but with high contribution to interdisciplinary discussions. Since issue 30, volume 15 from 2013, the Journal of Social Studies has been strictly published by electronic means, with ISSNe 2358-7024.