Monitoring checklist for the construction of light-woodframe houses


  • Bruno Chiaramonti
    M7 Investments
  • Victor De Araujo
    Federal University of São Carlos
  • Glaucia Prates
    São Paulo State University
  • Antonio Savi
    São Paulo State University
  • Juliana Cortez-Barbosa
    São Paulo State University




Light-woodframe emerges as a modern construction solution to compete with the masonry houses, due to similarities in competitive costs and low-trained labor. This informality contributes to troubles and problems, being identified as perceptible challenges for the building planning and management. A good tool to solve these difficulties consists in the use of a standard checklist during construction process activities, avoiding the negligence of necessary steps to complete the building project. This checklist indicates the systemic view of the complete process, acting as a facilitating and standardizing tool for the progress of on-site building works. To meet these demands, the present paper developed and proposed an organizational tool, materialized by a checklist presented in Appendix section of this paper, in order to monitor the construction process of wood-based houses through light-woodframe system. Due to detailed knowledge of each building phase, this user-friendly checklist adds values and offers organization routines for developers and suppliers. Printed checklists exclude the need of electronic devices on site, allowing copies for all workers. On building site, it allows controlling the systematization and progress of activities, providing a comprehensive systemic view of the work.

Author Biography

Victor De Araujo, Federal University of São Carlos

Independent Researcher, Doctor of Science in Forest Resources, and Timber Engineer