Growth and quality of seedlings of amendoim-bravo (Pterogyne nitens Tull.) in response to nitrogen fertilization


  • Marciel Lelis Duarte
    Universidade Federal de Viçosa
  • Haroldo Nogueira de Paiva
    Universidade Federal de Viçosa
  • Alex Ferreira de Freitas
    Actus Forest
  • Sebastião Martins Filho
    Universidade Federal de Viçosa




The objective of this work aimed to evaluate to effect of nitrogen fertilization on growth and quality of amendoim-bravo (Pterogyne nitens Tull) seedlings. Were used six doses of nitrogen (0, 60, 120, 180, 240 and 300 -³) also parceled out and applied at 0, 21th, 42th and 63th days after the first thinning. The experimental design was a randomized block design, using as substrate in red yellow latosol, with four repetitions. After 120 days after sowing collected data of height, collar diameter, aerial part dry weight and root, and the ration between height and collar diameter, height aerial part and dry weight, aerial part dry weight and dry weight root and Dickson quality index (IQD). The nitrogen fertilization were positive and significant for all traits except for collar diameter and ration dry weight aerial part and dry weight root. Recommended for seedlings of amendoim-bravo application of 200³ of ammonium sulfate.