Thermo modification of Auxemma oncocalyx sapwood and heartwood


  • Tallyta Martins de Sousa
  • Vinicius Gomes Castro UFERSA




The aim of this work was to analyse the effect of thermally modification of Auxemma oncocalyx (Pau-branco) sapwood, using two different temperatures, to obtain homogeneity between physico-mechanical properties and color of sapwood and heartwood. The physico-mechanical properties evaluated were basic density, luminosity of the color, dimensional stability, parallel compression strength and modulus of elasticity. The results showed increase of density of sapwood thermally treated only with lower temperatures applied, when the weight loss due structural components of wood degradation was lower than volume shrinkage. The effect of thermal treatment on the wood hygroscopicity also resulted in more dimensional stable sapwood samples. For both tested temperatures, the compression strength was higher for thermally modified sapwood than non-treated sapwood or heartwood. Based on those results, it is possible to indicate the use of thermally modified treatment to Pau-branco sapwood for production of wood products with similar look and technologic characteristics of the ones that use the heartwood of this species, increasing the yield of high-quality products.