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For instance, if your will makes a variety of cash bequests however your property consists mostly of priceless paintings, your assortment might need to be appraised and sold to produce cash. Or, when you have many excellent debts, your executor might have to sell some of your property to pay them. Many individuals believe the safest place to store a will is a safe deposit field. However, totally different states have express legal guidelines as to when a safe deposit box could be opened upon the proprietor's dying and what documentation is required to open it. For example, in Virginia, a financial institution will permit a protected deposit field to be opened for the purpose of finding a will, but other states require the executor of the will or relations to acquire a court order to open the box. The more specific you make the phrases of your will, the more simple and streamlined the probate course of might be for your loved ones. A essential element of each will is the identification

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