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A few seasons Together with the West London outfit, and Hazard was a superstar. His dribbling expertise were mesmerizing, his ability to outfox defenders without difficulty was a take care of to observe. He could score at will, his tempo was wonderful and his set-pieces have been brilliant. Indeed, terminologies like 'the subsequent Messi' and 'a foreseeable future Ballon d'or' had been listened to when referring to Hazard. And even though Hazard did locate himself crashing about the soccer turf normally, courtesy of some aggressive defending, his type took an abruptly identical switch before extended. Participating in the 2015-16 season for your defending champions with the Leading League, Hazard dropped possession generally, and it appeared like his coronary heart was not in the game. He tried out switching it up but very little came of it. His tally of just 6 targets bore a symbiotic relationship to Chelsea's own drop about the time because they endured a lowly 10th-location complete.

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