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In the case of adjoining excavations, you may need to provide specialist details of foundations. If you've obtained a Party Wall discover yourself, we’ll ensure your neighbour is compliant and taking all affordable steps to protect your interests throughout the works. A Party Wall Award document is then prepared, detailing the works, any precautions that must be taken and any other issues regarding the work. Our specialist group will draw up the required Party Wall Notices and Awards making certain that the interests of both the Building Owner and the Adjoining Owner are protected beneath the Party Wall Act. due to this fact an award is required to be drawn up. A Party Wall Surveyor could be appointed as the ‘Agreed Surveyor’ for both sides, or both sides can select their own Surveyor. Regardless, Party Wall Surveyors are appointed under statute and therefore might be neutral and unbiased. Costs are normally paid by the constructing owner carrying out the works.

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