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por Chandra Mustopa (2020-05-19)

Soccer Posh is a fresh blend of floral notes, including honeysuckle, iris, and jasmine. It features notes that are meant to evoke summer days, such as crisp air, deep shades of oranges, and cool breezes. This fragrance also features notes that are meant to evoke fun, such as pineapple, citrus, and Mandarin.

Soccer Posh is for the football purists who prefer a sophisticated and beautifully crafted scent. It is meant to be worn over link alternatif sbobet your clothes, rather than when you're sleeping. It is one of the more elegant perfumes in the soccer perfume line. Soccer Posh is also the most well known. Other styles of perfume include Scots Posh, and Girl Posh

Soccer Poppies is also a very strong scent, so be careful if you are going to use it over your clothes. It is also meant to be worn under another perfume.

Soccer Posh is meant to be worn on its own or with another scent. This perfume features the same type of floral scent that you would expect in a soccer inspired perfume. It also features lemon, tropical, and sandalwood.

For soccer fans, the soccer perfume is all about representing the sport. The soccer perfume contains all of the elements you would expect to find in a soccer inspired perfume, like lemongrass, jasmine, kiwi, and honeysuckle.