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Học tiếng hàn giao tiếp uy tín

por japwedding5 japwedding5 japwedding5 (2020-03-05)

Studying in Korea with D2 visa Korea is known as a promising land with potential and employment opportunities after graduation. Therefore, studying abroad in Korea is becoming the career development trend of most Vietnamese young people. Studying in Korea with 2 types of visa are D2 and D4. To understand more about studying in Korea D2, please invite readers to follow the updates in the article below. Korean D2 student visa What is Korean D2 visa is a visa issued to students going to study in Korea. These students will participate in formal training programs including undergraduate, masters, doctoral or academic, research programs trained by colleges, universities, and academic institutions. law of the Korean government. 2. Benefits of owning a Korean student visa D2 If you own a Korean D2 visa, you will enjoy the following benefits:

    You will officially become a legal student in Korea and fully enjoy the benefits from the Korean Government for international students.
    In addition to going to school, you are allowed to work overtime in South Korea 20 hours / week (average 3.5 hours / day) and full time during holidays.

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